Is there anything that a kid loves more than having fun in a playground? Besides having countless hours of outdoor enjoyment, kids enjoy many benefits when playing outside such as better health and social skills, just to name a few!

Going to the park to let your kids play is always a fun family adventure – but life can get in the way when you want to take your children to the playground.

Because of that, parents can benefit from owning a playset at home knowing their kids will always have a place to play.

The perks of owning the playground at home outweigh the public park benefits by a wide margin.

Are you thinking about getting a playground right in your backyard? Here are 6 benefits of having a home playset.

You Can Multitask While Your Children Play

The main responsibility of kids is to have tons of fun and let their imagination run wild. Parents, on the other hand, have other things in mind: budgeting, cooking, doing laundry, and more.

Outdoor Playset

Sometimes, adult stuff gets in the way of kids playing in the park – but that stops being an issue when you have a playset in your backyard!

Your kids can have a blast playing in our Altamont Wood Complete Play Set while you get dinner ready – or relax watching a movie after a hard day at work.

You can forget about stressing about your household chores at the park! Let your kids have fun right where you can see them through the kitchen window while you take care of everything else.

You Can Ensure A Safe Play Environment

Public playgrounds should be safe – but are they? Most parks are the perfect place for children to play and have fun. However, due to budget and time restraints, some public spaces are far from fit for children.

Outdoor Playset Rockwall

Even the best parks aren’t 100% safe! Germs are a big concern for parents, especially those with immunocompromised children. Fortunately, parents everywhere can get a better hold of their kids’ safety when they own a playset at home.

At the same time, children can play with minimum supervision at home – but that’s not the case at public parks, especially when kids play with unfamiliar playgrounds that tend to be riskier than the stuff they already know.

Both those fears stop existing when you have your playground at home! Picture yourself relaxing on the patio while your kids play in our Cedar Brook Play Set, which helps your kids safely glide, jump, zip, and more. This playset is also very easy to clean!

Your Children Will Spend More Time Outdoors

According to the CDC, kids of all ages should engage in physical activity one way or another. Children and adolescents need at least one hour of moderate physical activity daily. Exercises that improve cardiovascular health and build muscle bring the best results.

Outdoor Glider Swing

These activities bring more than physical benefits; children who engage in active play also enjoy cognitive benefits.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common for kids to not get as much physical activity as they need. Be it too much screen time or just not having a convenient and engaging way to spend time outdoors. Parents too can be exhausted after a long day of work and taking their kids to the park can become an impossible effort to make.

That’s why having a playset right in the backyard is such a crucial step in building healthy habits with your kids. It puts everything they need for an outdoor adventure just a few steps away and makes daily physical activity a breeze. For instance, Our Grandview Twist Deluxe Play Set is an endless source of fun and physical activity for kids – and will look amazing in your backyard. It comes loaded with fantastic playset features like two slides, a swing set, monkey bars and more! You’ll be surprised a just how much of a difference a set like this can make in getting kids outdoors!

Your Children Can Have Safe Play Dates At Home

Going to the park helps your kid have social interactions – but that perk isn’t reserved for parks alone. Your children can have many play dates at home when you own a playset, and both children and parents can enjoy the benefits of playing at the park safely at home.

Outdoor Slides

Nowadays, play dates consist of children coming over to play videogames, but it doesn’t have to be that way when you have our Fox Run Wood Complete Play Set. The dual slides will allow your kids to play many games in pairs or groups and have a blast while they build long-lasting relationships!

One of the many perks of owning a playset is having barbecues where children and adults have fun how they want to. Be careful! Having your own playset makes your house the go-to spot for family reunions and get-togethers!

Your Children Will Have More Independence

It’s difficult to deal with bored kids if you want to limit their screen time – unless you have the right tools for the job! Allowing your kids to play freely outside is the healthiest way to go at it. Unfortunately, going to the garden is often not as exciting as staying inside and playing video games. You can turn that problem around if you have a playset!

Wooden Playset

Your children will forget where their screens when you bring our Monteagle Play Set to your backyard. It has everything a kid wants in a playset. That means your children will have more than enough to come up with games on their own and have tons of fun while needing minimum supervision.

Solo play encourages children to learn essential skills, such as time management and organization, as well as promoting physical and emotional awareness. That’s the solid foundation a kid needs to grow!

You Choose Equipment That Suits Your Child

Building a playset in your backyard brings many benefits, including picking and choosing the equipment that best suits your kids. That may not seem like much – but it is! You probably have told your kids to stay away from certain swings or sets at the park before. That’s not something you have to do when you build the playset yourself.

Playset Swing

At the same time, you can choose hardware that suits your kids’ abilities and equipment to promote different skills. You can also add or remove parts of your set as you see fit – something that will never happen at the park!

As your children grow, so will their wants and needs, and you’ll have to adapt to help them become better. A big part of doing that is ensuring they have a healthy way to have fun – and owning a playset is the perfect way to make that happen! We offer many accessories for you to create a unique playset for your kids.

What’s The Best Playset For Your Children?

Do you want to enjoy the many benefits of having a playset in your backyard? The first step is choosing the best one for your family!

We have many options and countless ways for your children to have fun safely. Because of that, you may have a hard time choosing the right set for your household.

Wooden Playset

Don’t worry! We help plenty of parents pick their first playset regularly. We usually tell first-timers to pick a wooden playset from Swing-N-Slide. It’s easy to install, safe to use, and kids love it.

Parents will see their children having such a blast that they’ll love it too!

Do you want to know the key perks and benefits of owning a wooden playset? It’s all about aesthetics, durability, and safety!

Aesthetics: A wooden playset is a classic option for families. It has that timeless look everyone loves, and it goes well with every house and backyard, regardless of style or looks. It also compliments other areas when you install the playset nearby, like gardens and garages.

Outdoor Playset with Swings

Durability: We use chemical-free Cedar wood in our playsets because we want our products to be high-quality and built-to-last. When you buy a playset from us, we guarantee your children will have many years’ worth of fun out in the open!

Safety: There’s no better time to go out to have fun than the summer – but glossy surfaces prevent that from happening. Fortunately, that’s not the case when you have a wooden playset, and rust and sharp spots won’t happen either, so your kids will not have to worry about either.

Make Your Backyard The Perfect Playground For Your Kids

When you install a wooden playset from Swing-N-Slide, you turn your backyard into your children’s personal playground, a source of endless entertainment and healthy fun for them to enjoy.

Your kids will do more physical activity, spend more time with their friends, and limit their screen time when there’s always an adventure awaiting in their yard.

Do you have any questions? Send us a message today to learn more about our playsets. We’re more than happy to help!

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