Thank you for visiting our website.

If you’ve recently ordered one of our products, please understand that the current health crisis has brought on an unprecedented and overwhelming demand on the entire production and supply chain that supports our category of products. As we navigate through the challenges of COVID-19 and the unprecedented demand in our category, we remain dedicated to providing open and honest communication with our customers.

We’ve been challenged with continuing production, but under more stringent internal and external conditions, and with limited production staff. The safety of our employees, their loved ones and our customers are a top priority. As such, we have implemented many measures to mitigate the exposure or spread of COVID-19 at our facilities. These measures include the 21 points outlined in the State of Georgia Executive Order.

We know that you are anxious to receive your swing set or accessories - and our team is anxious to get it produced and shipped to you. We humbly ask for your patience during these extraordinary circumstances.

We are grateful for all of you!

The Swing 'N Slide Team