A child does more than play on a playground. Kids learn how to socialize, move, and think when they’re having a blast using different types of playground equipment. In fact, as you will see, quality outdoor activity is a vital part of their development!

Children develop different motor skills when they run, climb, jump, and more. At the same time, they are constantly thinking about how to act in different situations and improving their cognitive skills.

Having the right playground at home will help your children develop their skills as they learn new things in a super safe play environment.

Because of that, you’ll want to pick a playground that’s purposeful and will inspire your kids to be active. However, with so many options available it might seem hard to know what’s best.

That’s why in this article we’ve listed the top three ways children learn by playing and the best equipment to take advantage of that.

Physical Play

Playing outdoors is one of the healthiest things a kid can do, although it’s getting harder for parents to make that happen.

wooden swing set

Physical play includes running, climbing, crawling, balancing, and more. When kids do that, they develop their motor skills while they have fun. At the same time, they burn calories and excess energy, helping them focus better later on. Of course, doing all that also increases their muscle mass, making them stronger. Simply put, the more your children play, the more muscle they build and the healthier they become!

outdoor playset

How can parents get their children to play outdoors? Nowadays, screens are everywhere, and children prefer to stay inside playing video games than go outside. Having the right playground where kids can climb, slide, and swing is the perfect opportunity for them to start playing outdoors!

When your kids go outside to play, they develop their coordination too. When that happens, your kids learn to use their muscles more efficiently, which will help them throughout their lives.

Healthcare professionals recommend one hour of active play daily, and having something like the Willows Peak swing set will ensure your kids will play for hours on end outdoors!

Interactive Play

Socializing is vital. It’s the one thing that helps us relate and interact with each other. More importantly, socializing is something that you learn best by doing, and kids start to learn how on the playground.

outdoor wooden swing set

For example, picture your children playing on the Trekker swing set, learning how to use the rock wall or monkey bars. By helping each other improve, they’ll learn how to ask for and give help while they play. At the same time, not having enough time to socialize makes children feel anxious, depressed, and unhappy. Because of that, having a playground right at home is the perfect way to help a child socialize with their peers in a fun, healthy way.

wooden playset

Several play structures include games that focus on interactive play, encouraging kids to help each other improve. For example, certain playsets come with games and similar activities that kids love. Structures, like the Playful Palace Play Set, include swings and slides for kids to learn how to take turns and share while they have tons of fun.

These structures and games prepare kids for life, no matter how simple or fun they may seem. From teambuilding, patience, thinking outside the box, and more, when kids socialize on a playset there is no limit to what they can learn! Having a swing set in your backyard presents the perfect opportunity to make this kind of growth happen every day.

Imaginative Play

Children are the best actors. They don’t need much to imagine they’re on a rocket ship to space, at a medieval castle, or anything that resembles an adventure. When children play pretend, they’re practicing imaginative play, and they’re learning about a lot of things in the process.

wooden playset with two slides

Kids can pretend to be doctors, teachers, heroes, and more. Remember, they need very little to have tons of fun. However, having something as great as the Fox Run Wood Complete Set will help them imagine they’re in a castle, fighting against dragons, and escaping from trouble when they use the slides! Kids are actively developing social and cognitive skills when they play pretend.

playset rockwall

Of course, that’s far from the only thing that takes place: when kids play pretend, they’re often moving around and doing things with other kids, which means physical and interactive play is taking place too, so children are getting stronger and becoming more social when they participate in imaginative play. When your kid and their friends imagine they have a special mission to retrieve a treasure from their Monteagle Wood Playset, they will organize themselves to climb, run, and slide while they have tons of fun completing their play pretend mission.

Playground equipment fosters this type of play, helping kids have somewhere to climb walls, cross bridges, swing, and more. If you have a playground with this sort of equipment, your children have every tool at their disposal to have a fun, healthy childhood.

It’s Playtime!

Playing is vital for children. Most parents know this and start out strong when their children are young, helping them play at every moment they have. However, as time goes on work, school, and chores make it hard to have time to play. That’s why creating an engaging play space right outside is so important.

It gives them every tool at their disposal to grow and play their way, all while helping them learn lessons that will last a lifetime.  

At Swing-N-slide, we provide the right structures for children to play. Having a playground is enough to encourage physical, interactive, and imaginative play, making children stay away from the screens and step into the outdoors, where adventures await.

Do you want to know what the perfect playground is for your family? Contact us, and we’ll help you find it! We would love to hear from you and help your kids find their next outdoor adventure.

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