Few things in life are better than a kid’s playset. Swings and slides are more than enough to have countless hours of fun, and that goes without mentioning the many other engaging playground accessories! All these activities work together to create a super fun outdoor experience that is the perfect gift for any kid!

Once you decide to gift a playset to your children, the next thing to consider is whether to build or buy one. In other words, ask yourself if you should get a DIY playset or purchase one professionally built.

Whether you’re looking for more information because you already made a decision or you’re still figuring things out, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll explain the some reasons why purchasing a professionally made playset is a better idea than going down the DIY route.


The two most important factors when it comes to playsets are fun and safety. You want your children to have the most fun possible outdoors – but you also want them to play in a safe and secure environment.

Playset with Slide

Professionally installed playsets follow the highest and most demanding safety standards, so you can be sure your kids will have no issues when they play. While there is nothing wrong with going DIY with your set. You simply can’t beat the skill and experience a professional has.

At Swing-N-Slide we always put safety first. Right from the get-go we handpick the materials and only use first class, weather resistant parts to reduce maintenance and make sure your set lasts for years. We will even help you find an installer for your playset if you don’t know where to start.


Another big consideration is time. If you are handy with tools and don’t mind taking a few days to assemble your set, then the DIY route is probably just fine.

Wooden Playset

However, if you want to have a worry-free experience where you can go from box to built with in a single afternoon then having your set professionally installed is the right choice.

Outdoor Playset

It guarantees that no mistakes will be made in the assembly process and that every board, bolt, and bar is exactly where it needs to be. Our installers are not only fast and efficient so as not to waste any of your time, but they are also super safe. They know all the ins and outs of safety regulations and features so that your set is put together the right way.

It’s always a good idea to choose a good swing set from a reputable vendor as well as choose the right installer for the job. That way, your kids will have their playset in no time.


A playset is a long-term investment: it’s something that’s designed to last for years. In fact, the best companies offer warranties to ensure that. Because of this, it’s important to take time to research and see what’s the best option for you before buying anything.

Outdoor Wooden Playset

If you decide to build the playset yourself, you’d have to maintain and fix it whenever something happens to it – and that would cost you more money and time in the long run. In contrast, buying a playset from a reputable manufacturer will provide you with a warranty, which will help you deal with any possible issues you may have to face. You know you’re covered when you have a warranty, no matter if something needs maintenance or repair.

At Swing-N-Slide, we take pride in the longevity of our sets. That’s why we provide warranties for every playset and accessory under normal use and conditions for five years. No parent should have to worry when they invest in their child’s outdoor play. That’s why having a strong warranty is so important whey making a final decision.


The best playsets come with tons of features for kids to have fun with, like rock climbing walls, fireman poles, and other engaging activities. The good thing is, not matter if you choose a DIY or professionally installed version all our sets come loaded with play activities.

Playset Monkey Bars

In fact, having more things in your playset helps your kid: the more options they enjoy, the more chances they have of developing a healthy body and mind. With slides, swings, and monkey bars kids can develop core strengths while building confidence. On the other hand, having engaging playset accessories like a sandbox and telescope with compass can spark imagination and promote learning.

When choosing the set that’s right for your family make sure it has enough features to keep your kids active for years to come.

We care deeply about children, their health, and the way they have fun. Because of that, we put a lot of accessories in our playsets, including telescopes, rock walls, and more.


It’s difficult to match the quality of a professionally built product, no matter how much time and effort you put into your DIY project. Our installers have years of experience.

Outdoor Swing Set

When they assemble a set they do it right making sure no corners are cut and no safety is compromised. At Swing-N-Slide, we have a commitment to safety and quality. These two factors stand at the top of our priorities because we want to deliver the safest, most reliable playsets for children to play with.

We design, manufacture, and market every product aiming to deliver functionality, fun, and value to our customers.

Get The Perfect Professionally-Made Playset For Your Children

A playset is one of the best things a kid can have. When you make the decision to get one for your children, make sure the job is done right and that the set you choose has enough quality and fun built in to keep your kids playing throughout childhood.

One of the best things about professional installation is the confidence that comes with it. Feel free to browse our site to find the professionally installed set that best fits your life. Do you have any questions? Contact us so we can help you choose the perfect playset for your kids.

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