Are you looking for a playset to surprise your kid? Do you want to know how to create a fun playing environment? If so, you are in the right place.

 A swing set, slide, and a few accessories can convert your backyard into the ultimate play space for your kids to learn and grow. You can add a few add-ons to make the setting more functional and entertaining. More importantly, you can equip your set with many accessories to suit all age groups. Your little one will have fun daily while receiving physical and mental stimulation.

However, with the wide variety of playset accessories available it can get confusing. In this guide we’ll give you all the information you’ll need to make the right decision.


For kids, there isn’t quite any experience like gliding down your favorite slide on a perfect day. That’s why at Swing-N-Slide we offer a wide selection of slides in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the one that’s just right for your kids. You can even choose the design based on your backyard space as well as your kid’s age and preferences.

Not only that, but slides offer numerous benefits to kids. When it comes to growth, sliding helps kids develop core skills such as balance, coordination, and strength. Plus, it allows them the chance to build confidence while having fun.

Speedwave Slide

For instance, you can’t go wrong with a classic Speedwave slide. These are perfect for older and younger kids alike and offer that classic playground fun that anyone can enjoy! From racing to the finish with friends or quick play breaks away from homework, with one of these on their playset kids will have all the healthy fun of a park right in their backyard.

Tube Slide

Our tube slides are also great for older kids who want more of a challenge. With their signature twisting motion they offer endless amounts of fun as kids slide through the tube all the way to the bottom. It’s great not only as a slide, but also as a chance for your kids to try something new!

However, these are only the tip of the iceberg. You can have deck slides, deck tube slides, turbo tube slides, cool wave slides, apex wave slides, Alpine wave slides, Olympus wave slides, sidewinder slides, tower tunnel crawl slides, speed wave sides, summit sides, super scoop sides, twister tube slides, and so much more.

Since there are so many options at Swing-N-Slide, you are sure to find the right one for your family.


You might have noticed that your kid loves to explore swings and different climbing structures once you enter any play area. Swings are a stable of any good playset and it’s no wonder that it’s the activity what kids want to do the most. But what is so great about them?

Wind Rider Glider

Like slides, swings provide loads of health benefits and opportunities for kids to grow while having fun. For instance, all that swinging motion can help boost their sensory skills, their balance, core strengths, and even spatial awareness.

Not only that, but the cooperative nature of swings makes them ideal for building teamwork and promoting lifelong friendships. They are the perfect choice for families will multiple kids or for when friends come to visit.

You can expect even more benefits by adding a few swings to the play area. Just browse our site and you’ll find loads of exciting swing options for kids of all ages. From a full-bucket toddler swing so the littlest member of the family to join in the fun, to more adventurous options like the disc and dual rider swings, there is guaranteed to be a favorite for every kid!


Music can inspire anyone, and your kids are no exception! Yes, most kids love music due to its calming sound and relaxing effects. Music can improve a variety of skills, including social-emotional, language, motor, literacy, and intellectual skills. It can also connect the body and mind so your kids can learn faster. Hence, it’s important expose your kid to music in the early years to promote fast mental growth.

Music Kit

And what better way to introduce your kids to music than right on their playset? With the Outdoor Rhythm Band Music kit, you’ll have an inventive way to make music right where your kids play. It’s great for promoting self-expression and lets kids explore with all kinds of new sounds.

This music kit can inspire your kid to a musical adventure. You will find it exciting with its inspiring instruments, including a rain wheel, a babaloo drum, and bongos. The kit comes with all the required hardware so the assembly will be easy. Also, it can fit all wooden playgrounds and lets you upgrade your existing swing set.


There is a good chance your little one loves to explore and improve their climbing skills. You might have noticed your kid climbing your furniture or other household items. However, they can injure themselves in an unsafe environment. Hence, you’ll want to consider having some playground climbers to motivate your kid to climb safely. These climbers can inspire kids to have more fun while learning essential climbing skills. Since these are kid-friendly, your kid will have fun without getting injuries.

Steeple Climber

Besides, climbing offers many health benefits including motor skills, critical thinking, physical strength, and confidence. That’s why we offer loads of engaging climbing options that come with all these benefits. For instance, the steeple climber offers ultimate climbing experience with its fun triangular shape and easy-to-install design.

Also, you can combine it with your swing set and inspire your kids to improve their climbing skills. The climber features a braided and thick rope and heavy-duty wooden dowels to create a safe environment for kids. You will find it compatible with all your playsets, and you can assemble it fast by following the instructions.

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Swing set accessories can contribute to the physical and mental growth of your little one while keeping him or her engaged throughout the day. Your kid will love to learn in a fun and exciting environment, and you can upgrade the play area whenever you want by adding a few Swing-N-Slide accessories.

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