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Backyard Playground

Easy Set-Up

Not only do we sell high-quality backyard playground sets, but we install them too - so you can enjoy them without all the mess! We have been making backyard playground sets since 1985 and can provide you with over 30 years' worth of professional installation services. Building backyard playground sets can be a daunting task. Make things easier on yourself by enlisting the pros at Swing-N-Slide to do it all for you!...

Let Imagination Roam

Swing-N-Slide installed background playground sets are designed for children to swing on and slide down-- fostering a sense of discovery and wonder right in your own backyard playground. Our installed kits have the perfect mix of swings, slides, ladders, bars, tunnels, jumps, games and so much more just waiting for kids of all ages to explore!

For kids who just want a classic playground experience our Circus playset is just the thing they need. With three swings, a rock wall, a climbing rope, and a wave slide all included, this set has everything they need for the ultimate backyard playground! With so many play activities they will have loads of fun flying high on the swing or zipping down the slide.

If your kids are itching for more adventure, then why not try the Sky Loft with Tube Slide playset? It features an exciting tube slide front and center that offers a smooth sliding experience with its signature twist. Also, it connects to the sky loft where your kid can peer over the horizon with the included telescope. The sky loft is great for sparking imagination, while the tube slide helps build confidence. Plus, it comes with all the other classic playset experiences like a rock wall and swing all included!

Built Strong

Our backyard playground sets are built strong enough to withstand the test of time. We only use high-quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards-- so our kids can swing safely on a new backyard playground set all day long. Our swing sets are constructed from durable cedar and redwood and will withstand seasons' worth of playtime. Our expert engineers build playground sets that enrich children's minds and bodies, so they'll grow up happy and healthy.

With so many great ways to play you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t fit your style. These are beautiful backyard playground set that helps kids build muscles, balance, coordination, enhance creativity and imagination while having a blast! So don’t miss your chance to make your outdoor space a backyard playground with a swing and more by browsing this great collection!