Parents are always worried about the physical health of their children, especially when they are little. From staying active, limiting screen time, staying away from germs and more, there is a lot to think about. However, finding the right balance between having fun and getting plenty of exercise can be tricky.

That’s why one of the best ways to get kids involved in physical activity is to make it fun. It can be as easy as introducing new ways to play that just so happen to be super active. From climbing, swinging, sliding and more, there are plenty of outdoor favorites that will boost your kid’s physical fitness without them even realizing it.

If there is one thing we know that kids love to do it’s playing. Let us look at some of the ways you can introduce physical exercise into your children’s play.


Climbing is essential for the development of spatial awareness, motor skills, and memory. When children are using both their hands and legs while dealing with varying inclines and distances, their sense of their own’s body position in space improves.

Playset Climbing Ladder

For instance, many outdoor playsets come equipped with features like climbing walls, ropes, ladders, and the classic monkey bars. All of these provide both endless amounts of fun and are great for building core strengths. You can find all these great climbing options and more, like our Climbing Cargo Net Kit, in our wide collection of playsets.

Outdoor Climbing Ladder

For an ultimate climbing experience for your children, we offer the Steeple Climber, an inventive ladder that gives your child a perfect opportunity to develop strength and agility. It adds a unique touch to your playset and makes for an exciting challenge that your kids will love to conquer.

Of course, you don’t want to let your children go out and climb trees or porch rails; that wouldn’t be safe. There are safer, more constructive ways to introduce climbing into your children’s play.


Another great form of physical exercise that’s both active and fun is swinging. When you think of classic outdoor activities there isn’t anything quite as timeless than swinging. From the humble belt swing to more exciting options like a Nest or Stand-Up swing, there are loads of varied ways to enjoy this great outdoor activity.

Glider Swing

But swinging is not just fun, it is also beneficial to the little bodies of your children. It stimulates the children’s development of motor senses and improves muscle, brain, and emotional development. Not only that, but it also can help teach valuable social skills like cooperation and teamwork when swinging with a friend.

Outdoor Swing

To add swinging to your child’s play, you might consider buying a swing set. Not only will a swing attract more playmates for your children, but it will encourage them to take their play outside away from the screen. It’s a simple solution sure, but having a set right in the backyard will go a long way in promoting healthy play habits.

That’s why at Swing-N-Slide we offer a range of different playsets and swing sets so you can find the one that’s just right for your kids. From the compact but engaging Ranger and Ranger plus swing sets, to the ultimate play experience with the Knightsbridge Deluxe playset, we make sure every swing option is highly engaging and productive.


When you think of your favorite childhood memories what’s one of the best things you remember from playing outdoors? For most people it’s slides. From zipping down the wave slide at your favorite park to conquering your friend’s twisting tube slide on a Saturday afternoon, sliding is one of the most fun (and most active) things a kid can do outdoors.

Outdoor Slide

The development of children’s balance, coordination, social skills, and reflexes can all be greatly improved by adding sliding into their play. Sliding helps children get a better sense of their position as they slide down softly, come to a stop, and climb back to the top again. That’s why having one so nearby can be such a boon for a kid’s physical fitness.

Wave Slide

For both quick breaks from homework and whole afternoons of fun a slide is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your kid’s play. While searching for a swing on our site, consider also getting a slide. We have a wide selection for kids of all ages, sizes, and confidence levels. You can choose to buy a simple wave slide like the Alpine Wave Slide or opt for a Sidewinder Slide.

We also have crawl tubes for anyone with a bigger set who wants to take play even farther with a crawling exercise. You can buy the Tower Tunnel Crawl Tube, a durable crawl tube that attaches easily to wooden play decks.

Adding On

To spice up the playground at your home after getting the essential playsets, you can also pick out a few add-ons and accessories. These are a great way to add a bit more physically active play right where it’s needed.

Play Telescope

Parents with very young kids can get accessories for safer swinging like the Child Bucket Swing or the Child Seat. You can also buy toys like the Playset Telescope with a working compass and binoculars for the little explorers.

Backyard Playset

Be it different types of swings like a trapeze bar or disc swing, to additional holds like a pair of yellow climbing rock holds or fun safety handles, each will improve your kid’s outdoor play in exciting new ways.

You might even want to try joining in their play yourself. When children play games with or against other people it improves their emotional, social, and cognitive development. As a parent, try to learn the outdoor games your children play and join in.

Play Hard, Grow Hard

Now that you have the basics enhancing your kid’s outdoor play will be easy. From simple solutions like adding a swing, slide, or climbing accessory, to more long-lasting choices like adding a playset, the options are endless.

So don’t fret. By heading online and checking out our site you are sure to discover the play activity that’s just right for your family. With the right kind of play in your backyard a more healthy, physically active way to play will be just a step away.

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